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Stand Up & Learn™ is an educational program for kids aged 8–18 that is comprised of a series of lessons using video and interactive worksheets that engage students in creative writing, communication, and critical thinking as well as team and confidence building. Stand Up & Learn is the first stand-up comedy program developed for school-aged children, with an emphasis on writing comedic stories and bits. The program is currently being implemented with Nantucket students, The Gateway School in New York City, the Deveraux Glenholme School in Washington, Connecticut, and at the Cape Cod Conservatory. Stand Up & Learn™ depends on the support of our donors to continue providing year-round Stand Up & Learn™ programs for kids. Please consider a donation.

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FOUNDER: Kevin Flynn

In 2007, professional stand-up comedian Kevin Flynn was devastated to learn that a rash of teen suicides had shaken the Nantucket community. Kevin knew there was healing power in laughter, so he set his heart on applying it to the tragedy-stricken island.

Kevin envisioned creating classes for kids using stand up comedy techniques to teach confidence and self esteem. As with any large project, he recognized such an endeavor would require funding. So, Kevin gathered a group of his nationally-recognized stand-up comic friends and asked if they would be willing to donate their time and talent at a Festival dedicated to support the kids’ comedy program. The comics generously obliged.

The following summer, the first Nantucket Comedy Festival brought laughter to a community that was in need of its restorative impact, while laying the groundwork for the revolutionary Stand Up & Learn platform.